Renewable energy

In response to limited fossil fuels, global warming, and rising energy demand and prices, renewable energy is heavily promoted worldwide due to its cleaniness and sustainability. The renewable energy can come from different resources such as solar, wind, thermal and biomass. The importance of having different resources is the diversity that can ensure the complete indepence from the fossil fuels.

The problem of the wind and solar energy is their dependence on the weather conditions. On the other hand, the biogaz can fill this gap due to its independence from the weather fluctuations and variation. Furthermore,  biogas  can play a major role in the developing market for renewable energy since it is estimated that biogas usage in the world will be doubled in the near future.

To make this transition more rapid and  efficient,  the biogaz plants should be improved and optimized to make  them more reliable and sustainable. The demand for online monitoring and control of biogas process is increasing, since better monitoring and control system can improve process stability and enhance process performance for better economy of the biogas plants.

TechnOptiz offers consulting and engineering solutions to optimize the biogas reactor through software sensors and automatic control algorithms, we provide different services as follows:

  1.  Design and construction of a novel online measuring system, including optimization and calibration.
  2. Validation of the system by online monitoring of biogas reactor and comparison with other online parameters such as gas production, pH and dissolved hydrogen.
  3. Application of the online measuring system for automatic control of the biogasreactor.
  4. Optimizing the storage of  energy crops such as maize silage or biodegradable wastes including sewage sludge and food waste to enhance the generation of the biogaz.
  5. Controlling the different components of differents parts of the biogaz plant

Another challenging aspect is to create a platform that gaurantees the full integration of different renewable energy resources, the coordination and cooperation among different plants are required to optimize the power generation process and to gaurantee the continuim of power generated by the renewable resources. This results in big virtual power plant that continously provides power based on renewable energy.



Vehicular Networks and Autonomous Cars

The fatality rates from car accidents has increased, and the need for safer roads is crucial for the future. The rise of autonomous cars can be one of the solution to deal with such problems. The whole idea behind autonomous cars driven by sensor and camera based computers is that they will make road traffic safer. Accordingly, the demand for advanced driver assistance systems and communication systems is growing rapidly in most automotive categories. Drivers can enjoy the ride, relax, and leave the operations of controlling the ride and  monitoring the roadway to the system, as full vehicle control will be achieved by efficient micro-controllers and highly innovative and precise sensors. Morever, the vehicules will be capable of communicating with each other to reduce the chances of having accidents. Therefore, drivers will have more time to use their smartphone, watch a video, or have a meal. This not only enhances driving experience but also provides time-saving benefits.

TechnOptiz offers consulting and engineering solutions to optimize the through software sensors, automatic control  and communications algorithms to improve your ride experience.


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